Witchmaster - Trucizna

Raw Blackened Thrash with dirty mid-tempo selections strategically interspersed throughout the "Trucizna", could we ask for much more? The fast parts are blistering but this album isn't the typical "tremolo picking and blast beat" festival which is so common. They add a much welcomed new touch to an old school sound.

This Polish band has been around since '96 and you can easily hear in their music that this isn't the release of an amateur band.

All-in-all "Trucizna" is an extremely solid release that would be a great addition to anyone's record collection, however, I wouldn't call this album a necessity. This album has a lot of strong points but there isn't much that is particularly unprecedented that would make this album anything other than a luxury.

  1. Trucizna
  2. Self-inflicted Divinity
  3. Total Annihilation
  4. Road To Treblinka
  5. Two Point Suicide
  6. Back To The Bunker
  7. Bred In Captivity
  8. Black Scum
  9. Troops of Doom (cover Sepultura)

Agonia Records
Reviewer: Kong
Feb 1, 2010

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