Witchsorrow - God Curse Us

This is the follow up to their crushing debut release on the same label, is a ribcage shattering true doom metal experience. The uncertainty of the instrumental opener ‘Ab Antiquo’ leaves the listener anticipating when its going to come, when is the sonic boom going to happen, ha, this rather splendidly flows into ‘Aurora Atra’ this is where you get it. In general, I think the guitar sound is less distorted this time around, but it really is much more effective and powerful on this second album. Recorded at the work renowned Foal Studio’s in England, the authentic sound has been perfectly captured. The tone is perfect; it is heavy without being heavy for the hell of it.

Witchsorrow do not usually produce that short a song, but ‘Breaking the Lore’ has a great time span. You hear elements of Sabbath’s third effort (‘Masters of Reality’), especially when the tempo increases. You know, that free flowing rhythm that makes you want to nod your head profusely to the dulcet, doom laden sound. I saw this band live recently at a small club show, and I was impressed by the standard of the playing, Necroskull has clearly delved into his soul and pulled out some guitar solos and the riffs from the pits of hell and as for the arrangements, it sounds strange to say this for a doom album, they sound fresh and inviting. There is just something in the water, but it’s most likely beer!

With such a striking artwork, the occult surly resides within, this is one of those releases you cannot give a mere few minutes too, you need time, and it’s best played all at once so that you can truly be beaten into submission by this big sounding trio of musicians (featuring a new drummer David Wilbrahammer). As much as I respected and enjoyed the previous drum work of Morrellhammer, Wilbrahammer is what the band needed, to develop, and the perfect result is this album ‘God Curse Us’. All in all, this could be the bands breakthrough release, it has massive shouts out to the doom metal scene not necessarily limited to the UK, it also has a little groove and a little mysticism to appeal to wider audience other than the doom fanatics. I certainly cannot fault the bands development. If you like doom, you need ‘God Curse Us’.


1. Ab Antiquo
2. Aurora Atra 
3. Breaking The Lore 
4. Den Of Serpents 
5. God Curse Us 
6. Masters Of Nothing 
7. Megiddo