Withershin - The Hungering Void

Withersun performs furious, aggressive black metal in the vein of older Marduk and Naglfar. Each track on this short EP is just a venomous blast of pure, sonic hell. Some of the tracks start out soft, like "Wherein I Exalt," but eventually erupt into the blistering guitars and barely audible drums that black metal fans enjoy so much. There's even some morbid melodies mixed in that reminds fans of bands such as Deathspell Omega during their earlier days before they got more progressive. The solos are the most melodic bits. "The Hungering Void" develops the vocals into almost a haunting chant, despite their extreme screaming qualities. The guitars are a bit more schizophrenic here, which somewhat takes away from the music because it just sounds too over the top in distortion with lacking melody, but part of it is a welcome sign of how early black metal is done. Finally, there's "Crossing the Threshold," which is almost doom metal influenced due to the deep, haunting tempo in the back of the usual colliding guitar chords. It's ver aggressive from start to end, but the layering of the music give it a quality that isn't seen in the other tracks. A much darker quality.

As brief as this EP is- less than twenty minutes, it's a short sample to keep Withersun fans happy until the next album. With the few acoustic beginnings there's no telling just what direction the band will go in. Sure, they'll stay blistering and blasphemous as hell with little regard for any need to get melodic, but there's also the temptation of experiment and really add bits and pieces to make the music even more twisted. Sometimes speed and distortion isn't everything. The world is looking for new, intriguing music, and Withersun have theĀ  potential to make that happen if they structure their music in just the right ways.

  1. Wherein I Exalt
  2. The Hungering Void
  3. Crossing The Threshold

Canonical Hours
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Sep 20, 2010

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