Wode – Servants Of The Countercosmos

Manchester UK black metallers Wode return merely a year after their 5 star rated 2016 debut. “Servants Of The Countercosmos” follows on where their debut left off. It’s like Ozzy Osbourne’s “Blizzard Of Oz” and “Dairy Of A Madman” or “Iron Maiden” and “Killers” it can be taken as one big album. I can’t see why you would have one and not the other.

Again we have 6 tracks although this album is a good 10 minutes shorter. 'Crypt Of Creation' builds up with many layers of subtle melodies and layers of atmosphere before bleeding into 'Celestial Dagger' a straight forward black and roll track if you will. 'Temple Interment' is where the band start taking us through otherworldly chaos this track lifts you up and pulls you down to the depths with its frantic riffs and structure. The title tracks brings to mind early Burzum with its morbid and sorrowful melodies. 'Chaosspell' brings to mind the classic 90’s era of black metal again with chaotic riffs and Wode just have a knack for slowing a track down and bring a calm before exploding back with full force and again they know when to throw in a simple riff and keep things rolling for a while too. This track finishes with an awesome melodic section which will stick in your head for days. It’s the albums defining moment. This leads to a short acoustic interlude which brings the album to a sober, mellow close.

What can I say? I love this band. “Servants Of The Countercosmos” is as rich, detailed and textured as the albums front cover. It reveals more with every listen. If I had one slight complaint I would like a bit more material but it’s a case of quality over quantity I suppose. There’s only five proper tracks here but it’s still longer than “Reign In Blood”!

I can’t urge people enough to check out this band. Easily the most exciting and promising black metal band to come out of the Uk in recent times and in metal in general for that matter.

  1. Crypt Of Creation
  2. Celestial Dagger
  3. Temple Interment
  4. Servants Of The Countercosmos
  5. Chaosspell
  6. Undoing