Wode – Wode

As I have stated in previous reviews of late, right now in 2016 black metal in the UK is going through a creative golden age. Bands are churning out fantastic albums that not only stand against the classic albums that were coming out of Norway back in the 90’s but at a rate that the UK has never seen before. Manchester’s Wode are among this current crop with their self titled debut album.

'Death’s Edifice' opens with melancholic strumming before erupting into a whirlwind of shredding and haunting melody in true black metal fashion. 'Trails Of Smoke' is probably the album’s most instantly recognisable track. With the fury of early Emperor without the keyboards, the band also isn’t shy to throw in a traditional metal melody or riff either. There’s a nice little section that brings to mind Angel Witch and Iron Maiden. 'Cloaked In Ruin' starts off with a mellow start before kicking into a Bathory style gallop.

At 47 minutes and 6 tracks the album has everything you want from a black metal album; it’s extreme yet melodic, melancholy and haunting. The band stretches the whole spectrum and you will get references from all of your favorite bands. It’s a fantastic debut and definitely one of the black metal albums of the year.

  1. Death's Edifice
  2. Trails Of Smoke
  3. Cloaked In Ruin
  4. Spectral Sun
  5. Plagues Of Insomnia
  6. Black Belief

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 6, 2016

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