Woe Unto Me - A Step Into The Water Of Forgetfulness

Woe Unto Me hail from Belarus and this sextet specialise in funeral doom metal. "A Step Into The Water Of Forgetfulness" is the bands debut album and comes to you from Solitude Productions. Opening with 'Slough Of Despond', this five track epic gets under way with fusion of atmospheric subtle tones and zombie flick ambiance before a tidal wave of crushing depressive doom envelops you with deep throated menacing growls similar to the front-man of the UK's own Romanian immigrant band, the colossal Eye Of Solitude. Unlike EOS though Woe Unto Me's style has far more room for melodic wanderings, softer passages and moments of grace and beauty. These serve as a punctuation to highlight how venomous and ferocious the bands heavier sounds truly are.

With a more grandiose feel to its backdrops and undertones, 'The Gospel Reading' cuts a suave and harmonic figure with clean male and female vocals and tender piano tones adding more flavour and diversity the bands already broad mix whilst their catchy, metronome like beat and overly darkened moods delight the even the bleakest of souls. 'Stillborn Hope' opens like a funeral in the wet with mournful organ music being piped out to a a backdrop of torrential rain before the inevitable slow, crushing doom once more wades in and the instrumental musings of '4' act as the perfect interlud before the album ends in the atmospheric chug fest of 'Angels To Die'. Funeral doom isn't for everyone but "A Step Into The Water Of Forgetfulness" is definitely worth the experience.

  1. Slough Of Despond
  2. The Gospel Reading
  3. Stillborn Hope
  4. 4
  5. Angels To Die