Wojczech - Sedimente

Strange name for a German band, but hey.... ever saw a normal name in the grindscene? Wojczech was formed in 1995 and after several vinyl releases it is now time for their debut album. The 11 tracks not only expresing the grinding spirit but also putting out the hardcore or punk scene. Fast songs, 2 styles of vocals (scream and brutal) and simple but effective riffs. The short songs are not limited to one tempo but you hear various breaks in tempo. Even melodylines can be heard. In the end a short album with a raw and good sound and songs that rock.

1. Krebskult
2. Superparadigma
3. Wachkoma
4. Graufilter
5. Holzklasse
6. Macht Der Beseelten
7. Kein Gesicht
8. Dogmafalle
9. Tunnel
10. Redeschleife
11. Letzer Ausgang Opferrolle/Reste Der Vergangenheit

Selfmadegod Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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