Wolf - Ravenous

Full or extreme power and speed is what Sweden's Wolf offers with their 2009 release "Ravenous". True heavy metal carnage. There is absolutely nothing negative that I have to say towards this album. The tracks are diverse and never get boring with vocals that kill and murderous guitar working "Ravenous" brings it's listeners a feeling of courage with controled rage only to be unleased to the deserving masses. This album just rips through you and in my opinion is the best Wolf album yet.Ravenous is one album that will be hard to top at a unholy 5/5 this is a classic in the making.

1.Speed On
2.Curse You Salem
4.Hail Caesar
6.Mr Twisted
7.Love At First Bite
8.Secrets We Keep
9.Whisky Psycho Hellions
10.Hiding In Shadows
11.Blood Angel
Century Media Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009
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