Wolfcry - Nightbreed

From Greece comes this heavy power metal band. Delivering their 2nd album and again it is full of traditional 80s metal. High clean male vocals, multi vocal choirs, tempo changes, melody and prominent guitarriffing with leads. Fast songs dominating but also finding some semi ballads on this disc. Listening to this disc you getting flashbacks and if this is good you have to decide for yourself. Nothing new is invented but hopping further on the past.

1. Metamorphosis
2. Vanguard
3. Screamin’whispers
4. Endless circle
5. The dying of innocence
6. As darkness...
7. Saint/sinner
8. The fable of agnor
8.1 An orphan child
8.2 The wiseman
8.3 Deliverance

Black Lotus Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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