Wolfcry - Warfair

Greek Wolfcry is releasing their 3rd album. Like their previous work it is still the heavy power metal style. A bit deeper in songwriting and skill 10 songs rock the war away. Expect no worldshocking music but Wolfcry is doing good what they should do. Maybe the only new thing is that they covered a song from disco band OMD.

And for the rest you get up tempo songs, clean male vocals and tight guitars with leads. Songs that can be sing a long easily or otherwise relax.

1. Once Again...
2. Here We Are
3. Hesitant Gathering
4. Honored Expedition
5. The Mirror Mask
6. Semper Casta
7. On The Edge
8. Fatal Conflict
9. The Pledge
10. 6 Must Die
11. Enola Gay (cover O.M.D.)

Black Lotus Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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