Wolfp.a.c.k - I

Skull pounding, yet groovy 'war metal' is what the Netherland's Wolfp.a.c.k is all about with their debut album, 'I.' Drawing on influences like Bolt Thrower and Jungle Rot each track thunders along in a chugging and enjoyable pace. Groove death or death n' roll is a very popular style on this album. Tracks like "War" feature a spoken word intro and then a marching, percussive pace that can be repetitive, but overall is some excellent death rock n' roll along the lines of Torture Killer. The vocals are gutteral yet not too masked in distortion and the drums have some decent cymbal work mixed with the usual 'tapping' of the usual rhythms. Other tracks like "Built For Battle" just focus on the same riff over and over as it drives the point hard- musically- into the listeners' ear, but there is also a fair amount of heavy melody involved too. The "Ardennen Offensive" is split into a brief less than thirty second sample of a tank rolling along before "Lost and Found" kicks in, which sounds even more gritty and gutteral than the other tracks beforehand, but it's not missing any groove.

The "HIdden Track" kind of stands alone as an outcast, particularly because of its demo quality sound, but it has one special feature. At one point, it is just the vocals and drums going which is a really great moment that grants a musical sound that makes the track sound different from all the others, which sadly after a while tend to just sound like the same chug induced hazes that are groovy and catchy, yes, but also simple and doesn't do much for musical complexity. Still, it's no reason to pass off 'I' as useless because it is a good album, just somewhat limited in its scope of what it can accomplish as far as appeasing the listener. Most death metal fans can find this Wolfp.a.c.k very easy to digest and get into, but it is also very easy to get bored and switch to something else too.

  1. Wolfpack
  2. When The Legions March
  3. Annihilation
  4. War
  5. Your God
  6. False Messiah
  7. Over The Edge
  8. Built For Battle
  9. War Victim
  10. Ardennen Offensive
  11. Lost & Found
  12. HIdden Track

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
May 8, 2011

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