Wolfpack Unleashed - Anthems Of Resistance

Wolfpack Unleashed hails from Austria and is formed by two ex-members of Darkfall, Daniel and Wolfgang. The complete the band and in 2006 they release the demo "The Art Of Resistance". The Austrain label Napalm signs the band and released this album in September of 2007. Wolfpack Unleashed says they play melodic thrash metal like Testament (riffs) or Megadeth (melody).

When I listened to the album a couple of times I wasn't impressed alot. Don't get me wrong, the band plays tight, fast riffing with leads but it doesn't grab me. The vocals are bad that is one and on the other hand I didn't heard a songs that me say wow. It is modern thrash and it doesn't breath the 80s atmosphere but it will find its way to nowaday fans for sure.

1. Last Dance Of A Dying King
2. Religion Of Control
3. Next Victim
4. Killing Fields
5. Disgraced Erased
6. Warzone
7. To Challenge Death
8. Eroica
9. Wolfpack Unleashed

Napalm Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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