Wolfram - No Redemption

From Czech comes this power thrash band called Wolfram. Never heard of the band before but this is their 4th album already. Like said before they play power thrash. The songs are up tempo with good focus on the guitars with leads. But what is annoying me are the vocals. I know they have to be clean and not grunting but these vocals drifts me away. Musically it is oke, nothing worldshocking but just good enough. In the end I have a double feeling: musically vs vocally. One has to go with the other in this genre but in my opinion it doesn't. So I choose the musical side of Wolfram.

1. Kama
2. Sutra
3. No redemption
4. Flight
5. Waiting
6. Flood
7. King
8. Bitter life
9. Better life
10. Give me meat
11. Turn to the shadows

Leviathan Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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