Wolfsschrei - Demons Of My Inner Self

Wolfsschrei can be classified as a side project of the German band Odal. Demons of My Inner Self contain 7 tracks full of hostility and ravaging assaults through sheering guitars, and blasting speed. If you are imaging some kind of dark “evil” sounding black metal with some ave satanas here and there, you can exclude everything out. The performance might sound straight forward but in reality, one may notice the well crafted structures behind the compositions of Wolfsschrei. Music is filled with anger but the very atmosphere is rather melancholic with some uplifting guitar melodies accompanied by nice sounding bass patterns filling the background.

Being truly a metal band, Wolfsschrei manages to deliver an outstanding vibe and atmosphere thanks to the atmospheric guitar riffs. The feel inside is rather hostile or misanthropic which is well compensated by the melancholy emitted from the other side. Tempo variation is outstandingly present and one can expect anything varying from blasting furies, to some groovy Thrash riffing, to some slow patterns. As well something mostly enjoyable is the structure and the progression from one riff and melody into another, and then another, and then again…until certain pieces are repeated all over again. This also proves that the rhythmic content is well structured and properly performed. Also, the music itself is quite rich in guitar harmonization which proves another highlight of the beauty behind this very album.

The recording quality is nothing spectacular, however very old school, primitive and good enough to enhance the grim atmosphere. As for the vocal style, it reminds me quite of Infernum and Veles. Quite a good Germanic Black Metal release!

1. Demons Of My Inner Self
2. Of Hate And Man
3. My Odium Engrowing
4. Penetration Of Your Sul
5. Darkest Hours
6.Your Painful Fate
7. Where Dead Bodies Lay

Black Devastation Records
Reviewer: Jo
Jan 20, 2010

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