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"Wolftooth" has been out for a bit and has had rave reviews, but as I sit here listening to it again, it was finally time that I sit down and write my own review. First off, rest assured that Wolftooth is not a “bandwagon” or a “copycat” band. What you are getting is 100% original music. The aural melodies are so hauntingly heavy and hypnotic, you are completely drawn in from the first note to the last.

You have riffage that is extremely soulful and heartfelt throughout this release and when this is combined with top notch solos, the result it nothing but some of the most mindful music you will ever find in the genre of heavy/doom metal. Naturally, there are some vibes and influences here and the range on them is fairly wide in my opinion, but all are quite fitting. From what I can pick up on there is a great Halfway To Gone/Khemmis vibe happening with other elemental vibes such as Sleep, Conan, and Black Label Society music wise. As far as vocals go, they remind me of the clean vocal tracks of some of Ocean Chief’s material only more melodic and a better handling of octaves. There are even a couple tracks where the vocalist (Chris Sullivan) sounds a tad like Ozzy!

The rest of the band: Jeff Cole-guitar, Terry McDaniel Jr.-Bass, and Johnny Harrod-drums/backing vocals, join Mr. Sullivan in this outstanding band who deliver on all fronts, and will surely leave you wanting more. This release is just so damn heavy! What makes it so heavy? What makes everything so passionate and heartfelt? What you are listening to is the culmination of years and even decades of combined musicianship, hardships, tragedies, triumphs, and the struggles in between. I know a couple of these guys from other bands they’ve played with and I can tell you that this is what they live for. Every show, every note, every vocal. Every bit of their hearts and souls are in this. I’ve reviewed passionate bands before but Wolftooth are at the top of the mountain. They have a new album “Valhalla” coming out soon on Cursed Tongue Records/Ripple Music with a cassette version on Ice Fall Records. Make sure you check these guys out!

5 / 5 STARS


1. Blackbirds Call
2. Aegaeon
3. Sword Of My Father
4. White Mountain
5. Frost Lord
6. The Huntress
7. Season Of The Witch
8. Forged In Fire

Self released
Reviewer: michael
Apr 24, 2020

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