Wombbath - Choirs Of The Fallen

Wombbath remain in the history of Swedish death metal with their impressive debut from 1993 "Internal Caustic Torment". The band reformed in 2015 and released three new full-length albums. The third one named "Choirs Of The Fallen" is the subject of this review.

What we have here are 10 tracks of typical old school Swedish death metal made by people who know pretty well this genre. The album starts with the furious 'Fallen' offering the well-known buzz-saw guitar sound, galloping drums and the vocals of Jonny Pettersson who is participating in plenty of bands, too much to mention them all.

Some eerie keyboard sounds appear here and there like on 'We Shall Remain' and 'A Cloak Of Anger' and some melodic passages enter the dark death metal sound like on 'A Sweet Taste Of Death'. 'Wings Of Horror' is another highlight with its transitions from mid to fast to doomy slow tempo.

You will definitely feel the spirit of the early 90's Swedish death metal scene while listening to "Choirs Of The Fallen" and your head will start spinning whether you like it or not! Wombbath prove that they know how the old school Swedish death metal should sound in 2020 and "Choirs Of The Fallen" is a great audio experience for anyone into this legendary music scene!


1. Fallen
2. Crawling From The Pits
3. We Shall Remain
4. A Sweet Taste Of Death
5. From The Beggars Hand
6. Void
7. A Vulgar Declaration
8. Wings Of Horror
9. Choirs Of The Damned
10. In A Cloak Of Anger