Wombbath - Downfall Rising

Those who love their Swedish death metal from the early 90’s will surly know the name, ‘Internal Caustic Torments’ is regarded by many as a classic, although their foray into death ‘n’ roll on the follow up EP ‘Lavatory’ wasn’t so well received. So, since reactivating last year, Wombbath have been busy and the fruits of their labour is ‘Downfall Rising’.

There is always a danger when you are a reactivated band, do you take a direction your fans want from the older material or do you carve your own path? On this I have found its straight back to bare bones death metal with a strangely similar sound considering its 22 years later, although there is more of an emphasis on the Swedish rotten style, rather than those UK/US influences of the first album. Changes have been made, new vocalist Jonny Pettersson takes on the role of the classic pipes of Tomas Lindfors with Håkan Stuvemark being the only surviving original member from those earlier recordings. A touch of authenticity comes with the mastering of death metal stalwart James Murphy, but if you haven’t heard the original sounds, you will simply add this to your list of recent old school Swedish death metal. I do really recommend you listen to their earlier material before making an opinion based on popular trending, there’s clear development that’s really worth noting.

‘Paid In Blood’ harks back to the grind influence of their early material, but displays a clear rotten swedeath undercurrent, especially the great cool guitar tone. The whole album continues on the same rotten path mixing a classic style with their own style they had with a different line up, understandable with the new personnel which prove to be battering in their delivery of these songs. ‘I Am The Abyss’ is another rough slab in the face to keep the momentum more than moving and takes the band away from the current crop of trailblazers for this style, it has its own character is what I am trying to say.

Fans of this band will not be disappointed, the improvements are more than positive and this sits well amongst the crowded market of recent times. ‘Downfall Rising’ more than stands up for itself without having to rely on past heritage to make their point known.

  1. Intro  
  2. Under Apokalypsens Svarta Vingar  
  3. Underneath This Rotten Soil  
  4. I Am The Abyss  
  5. Fall Of The Weak  
  6. Putrid And Bound (By The Seed Of Satan)  
  7. Paid In Blood  
  8. Abandoned Furthermore

Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 3, 2015

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