Wombripper - Macabre Melodies

Wombripper is a death metal trio from Russia that features in its ranks Andrey Petrov on drums, Daniil Kuskov on guitars/vocals and Konstantin Korolev on bass. "Macabre Melodies" is their second full length album after the debut "From The Depths Of Flesh" from 2018.

What you will find here are ten tracks of ferocious death metal in the best Swedish tradition. Dismember seems to be the main inspiration for Wombripper and you can hear easily that in tracks such as 'Possessed By Unknown', 'Join Undead' or the grinding 'Shredded Corpse Remains'. Some melodic passages are also present like in 'Obscurity Depths' where there is a clear At The Gates vibe.

The final song 'Fractures' is slow and melodic and reminds a lot of Hypocrisy. The sound quality is on a very good level, you can clearly hear the pounding drums, the rumbling bass and the shredding guitar riffs. Those Russians know how to play their instruments and know how to make a high quality death metal the Swedish style.

The cover artwork is also interesting and completely in the traditions of the style. "Macabre Melodies" is a must album if you need to hear some head-ripping Swedish death metal but done by guys from Russia. Check it out!

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Possessed by Unknown
2. Join Undead
3. Obscurity Depths
4. Shredded Corpse Remains
5. Wicked Breed
6. Macabre Void
7. Devastation into Waste
8. Already Dead
9. Church of Repulsion
10. Fractures