Woodland - Dreamality

Founded in 2004 by four musicians in Lubeck (Germany) under the monniker Woodland. This suggest that they are living in a forest or they create their music in a forest. And as far as I can judge I pick out the last one. "Dreamality" is their first release and their style is influenced by folk, death, black, thrash, doom and progressive rock.

The topics on this album are taking you on a long path through sagas, myths and dramatic narrations. Indeed the songs have a strong folkish attitude with the rhythms and the different vocals. The band has a male and female vocalist. The male, Schmidt, signs or growls and the female vocals of Koop sound siren or more shouting and there she is going totally wrong. The shouts like a crow and takes the atmosphere in the song right down.
Musically is it semi accoustic, up tempo and all other ingredients that I mention as their influences.

For me "Dreamality" is an album that goes from left to right in a fast way. There are some nice points (tempo changes, guitar leads, melody or moods) on this album but also some that are bad (femal shouting, the nanana singing in "Nachtgesange"). I think they don't have to experiment in such a wide range but maybe you will find this great of Woodland. For you buy you have to check out the samples and the rough mixes they expose on their MySpace page.

1. Cemenntie
2. Prelude
3. Dreamality
4. Warriors
5. Nachtgesange
6. Woyzeck
7. Abendsonne
8. Fulfil My Destiny

CCP Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 30, 2009

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