World Below - Maelstrom

Second full length by World Below (Sweden) playing DOOM metal. This is just what you expect from a heavy doom metal band and even more. Of course the typical slow and heavy riffs with also typical scandinivian guitarsound but also changing tempo at times to keep songs interesting. Songs also tend to vary in tempo and there's also some more up-tempo (sludge)rocking songs. Vocals are mostly clean, depressed, emotional and also carry the music into a different and kind of epical direction. Quality disc with just enough changes in tempo, riffing and atmosphere but sticking to the classical style of DOOM......

1. The dissection of an evil mind
2. Spiritual disaster
3. Epitaph
4. Behind the door
5. Nyarlathotep (Harvester of souls)
6. A future so dark
7. Absinthe

Psychedoomelic Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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