World Of Lies - World Of Lies

World Of Lies is formed out of different bands of which Eulogy is the most known (at least for me with their great MCD ''The Essence"). The goal for World Of Lies is to combine styles like grind, death, thrash and rock and so not limiting to one style. And indeed you get a mixture with the grind vocalstyle (could get more interaction with the grunts), fast tempos with changes and raging guitars. So you get beside the violence also melodic elements to create a tension. These 15 songs show the capability of World Of Lies and their idea about being extreme without borders. Not musically and lyrically.

1. Material god
2. We are as sheep
3. Fear enslaves
4. Hopeless dependant
5. Dismemberment
6. Sedate to escape
7. The gift
8. Lost faith
9. Gardens of the dead
10. The curse of blood
11. Intermission...
12. Consumed by hate
13. Parasitic humanity
14. Macabre entertainment
15. The process of rotting

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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