Wormed - Exodromos

Ok earthlings.You don't have to worry about an alien invasion no more. The Spanish spaceship has landed and in that, Wormed have, made their presence known what alien would like to spend time in a foreign planet, having ravagers like them blasting his guts out? This is actually their second full blast. The first blast was back in 2003 with the title "Planisphaerium". This second blast of them succeeds a split CD and a single, and is called "Exodromos". It is the actual prequel of their first full length, so it is pretty obvious that nothing here is done by luck. Everything follows the pattern they have chosen as as their personal era. On lyric and musical substance. These war machines know exactly what to do, and how to do it, and believe me, the result is total devastation of all that's standing! Those spatial brutal deathsters, know how to push the limits, a bit further every time, and this results, in more brutality, more technicality, and more blasting spatial theories from those beasts from Spain!

Imagine the ferocity of Immolation and Morbid Angel, with the speed and technicality of Origin, in lyrical patterns of last man on earth in year 4000 fuckit. A truly musical nightmare covering a story that could really be the next big futuristic blockbuster! In this devastating perfection, a big contribution is this of the production. Crystal clear and on the same time exhaling a reek unmatched, you actually feel like sinking in 2000 tons of cement while the kick drum rarely lets you catch a break, and in this break the atmosphere is so mind choking that it makes you sweat, thinking of the next blast outburst. The vocalist is a true beast from outer space, growling like there's no tomorrow and often combining his growling vocal line, with a more shrieky one, creating a hell unmatched. Their song structures are truly magnificent! Swirling riffs and catchy breaks circling through a generic idea of speed and wrathful performance. The structures will not repeat themselves and they will not bother the ear with exaggerating bullshit and unnecessary blabbering! The point is aggression and these fine gentlemen here got it by the balls. Their musical level is high of course and how could it be different? This is a musical path that demands high tolerance on each instrument, and Wormed is a band that obviously spends a lot of time on individual and also band practice!

So by clicking the play button on "Exodromos" you will witness the combination of brutality and technicality fit upon mature song structures, and all that kept together under a bright but also swollen in mud production. Recorded at Sandman Studios in Madrid and mastered by Mika Jussila (Amorphis, Impaled Nazarene, Children Of Bodom) at Finnox Studios in Finland. A serious amalgam of technical knowledge and expertise, along with sheer power and aggressiveness. Can't beat that ladies! Definitely one of the best for 2013!


1. Nucleon
2. The Nonlocality Trilemma
3. Tautochrone
4. Solar Neutrinos
5. Multivectorial Reionization
6. Spacetime Ekleipsis Vorticity
7. Darkflow Quadrivium
8. Stellar Depopulation
9. Techkinox Wormhole
10. Xenoverse Discharger