Worship - Dooom

Worships doom is going back to 1999 when 2 misanthropic guys formed the band. This trio consisted of The Doombringer (guitar/vocals) and Fucked Up Mad Max (drums/vocals). I write consisted as Max jumped of a bridge sadly. The band plays snail tempo funeral doom with sad riffing and growling voices. The songs on "Dooom" were mostly recorded in 2000 but finished in 2007 after lots of struggling. On "Dooom" you will find 8 tracks (shortest clocking 8.07 minutes) of utter darkness and depressive heartbeats with painful guitars but nice and mournful melodies. At the end of the album yo get a cover of Solitude Aeturnus in their own style. Worship is extreme is expression their art. Yes this is art as it totally not commercial interesting and this kind of music can only be made if you believe in it and have the creativity to express the deepest darkness within mankind.

1. Endzeit Elegy
2. All I Ever Knew Lie Dead
3. The Altar And The Choir Of The Moonkult
4. Graveyard Horizon
5. Zorn A Rust Red Scythe
6. Devived
7. Mirror Of Sorrow (cover Solitude Aeturnus)
8. I Am The End (Crucifixion Part II)

Endzeit Elegies
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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