Worstenemy - Under Ashes Of The Wicked

Italian death metallers Worstenemy really do have a liking for old US Death Metal. Forming in 1997, but we have had to wait 4 years since their last recorded split release. In the early part of this release ‘Suffer. Putrefaction. Dominion’ blatantly steals a Deicide riff in one section whilst remaining true to their Morbid Angel influence more so on the EP in general. Opening track ‘Spectrum’ starts out well, until the vocals come in that is, it sounds too muffled and not clear at all, perhaps too close to the microphone, but this is my only gripe throughout the release. You have tormenting riffs and song structures that work well, a howling lead guitar sound that just simply wakens the dead in one swift strum of the strings. ‘Burning My Flesh’ has a super special opening riff and as mentioned earlier, raising the dead with the guitar shrieks and solo moments, ah and then the ever crunching riff again in the slower parts. ‘Nameless’ is perfect if you want to exercise your head and neck, a relatively short piece, but with foundation roots clearly laid down, not even a Hurricane bigger than Katria would falter the bands approach. Worstenemy even find it fitting on the title track to attempt some odd/off time signatures, but the simple 4/4 works much better.

Don’t get this release if you are expecting anything new and different, it is not, it is however a good nod to the old school scene, made legends of by our American cousins. If were not for the lack of clarity in the vocal department (it would also get another star rating too) this would be a perfect EP to pick up. Still worthy of a random purchase and a wicked nod to classic death metal.

1. Spectrum
2. Suffer. Putrefaction. Dominion
3. Nogoth
4. Burning My Flesh
5. Nameless
6. Under Ashes Of Wicked

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
May 31, 2010

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