Wrathrone - Eve Of Infliction

I must admit that this is the first time that I come upon the Finnish death metal horde Wrathrone and shame on me because what I'm hearing in their third record "Eve Of Infliction" is bloody great!

"Eve Of Infliction" offers eight songs of old school death metal mixed with some groove death'n'roll elements and from the opening track 'As The Knife Cuts Deep' you will realize that those guys know pretty well what they are doing. Vocalist Matti Vehmas is an absolute beast behind the mike and his deep yet intelligible growls fit perfectly with the heavy guitar riffing and the galloping drums.

Wrathrone includes melodic patterns within the death metal aggressive sound which makes their music interesting and various, just hear the track 'Infliction'. Songs such as 'Leader Of The Past' (great melodic solos in that one), 'We Feast On Fear' and the mid-tempo smasher 'Web Of Lies' will break your neck and crush your skull while you are begging for more of the same!

The closing track 'Sane - Insane' starts as an old Amorphis melodic track before bursting into a death metal chaos. The production is on a top level and all instruments can be clearly heard.

Wrathrone offers the best of the Scandinavian old school death metal the way you know it from early Entombed, Dismember, Centinex or even Dissection in the melodic passages. 2021 is still at the beginning but "Eve Of Infliction" is already on my list of the best extreme metal albums for the year!

5 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. As The Knife Cuts Deep
2. Heartless Absolute
3. Darkness Concealing Chaos
4. Infliction
5. Leader Of The Past
6. We Feast On Fear
7. Web Of Lies
8. Sane - Insane