WretchedPain - The Hell You Seek

Originally started in 2008, WretchedPain could have been considered an underground super-group of sorts. With the insane Sam Bean (from ex-The Berzerker, The Senseless and ex-Mithras) on guitar, and the uber talented Kevin Talley (from, Jesus, a lot, at least one band you know) behind the kit joining vocalist Joey Glacken to forge their own version of death metal. A version of death metal that incorporates a healthy dose of groove into traditional and tech death, some deathcore and grindcore, creating a catchy, head noddingly good time. Yet, after the completion of their debut full-length, "Congregation", the time constraints of other projects pulled Bean and Talley away.

Not wanting to let the project die and also wanting to be able to bring it to the people live, Joey Glacken recruited a bands worth of talented Canadian musicians to continue forward. After playing with a bunch of high profile bands, such a Threat Signals and A Life Once Lost, WretchedPain entered the studio and invited a few special guests from said bands and John Bechdel of Ministry to lay down the tracks that eventually became their five track ep we are talking about here, "The Hell You Seek".

"The Hell You Seek" continues exactly what was started by the first inception of WretchedPain, a grab bag version of death metal that is equally crushing and catchy. Each and every one of these five tracks has it’s very own, distinct personality while still sounding like it all came from the same band. The guest appearances here are handled in an impressive fashion, fitting each of their personal styles and attitudes right into the mix seamlessly and fluid-ly. Jon Howard’s (Threat Signals) mid range vocals straddle Glacken’s highs and lows perfectly on the second track 'Hatriot', Kris Norris’ (ex-Darkest Hour) riffage assaults are distinguishable yet fitting on the title track and John Bechdel and Robert Meadows (A Life Once Lost) help close out the album with an example of what Morbid Angel’s "I" album could have been on 'The Lessons Of The Wise And Dumb'.

Overall and to be direct, WretchedPain’s "The Hell You Seek" is twenty-five minutes and twenty-seven seconds worth of quality, cohesive death metal variety. The sort that comes in, makes it’s point and moves on, making you want more and more.

1. Hatriot
2. Cleansed in Fire
3. Laced With Cyanide
4. The Hell You Seek
5. The Lessons Of The Wise And Dumb

Self released
Reviewer: Ben Schultz
May 19, 2014

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