Written In Torment - The Uncreation

Another fine gem from the folks at None More Black.  Written In Torment is a 1 entity project.  There seems to be a pattern here guys, almost every album/demo/mcd I have heard from NMB is a 1 member deal.  Like I said before, there are some really talented people on this label.  The Uncreation was created soley by Leviathan in the darkest recesses of his soul, although his body resides in the U.K.  This is energetic, and explosive black metal.  Sounds like Emperor and Immortal in a showdown.  Fast, Dark, Hate..the only 3 ingredients you need.  Horns Up.  Again remember boys and girls, this is comming from a guy who doesnt really like black metal at all.  And I fucking really dug this record.  'Nuff Said.

1. RV
2. The Uncreation (Enemy God)
3. Remember With Fear
4. Death...Is Only The Beginning

None More Black Records
Reviewer: Rick
Sep 7, 2007
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