Wulfshon - Prinnit Mittilagart

After several successful EPs, Argentina's full on Pagan Blackened Death Metal outfit, Wulfshon, recently unleashed their debut. Drawing on a slow, rather hypnotic pace, the music is still quite ferocious without at all feeling cheesy or too ingrained in a typical Folk Metal atmosphere. 'Prinnit Mittilagart' opens with a rather industrial ambient opening that has plenty of spiritual connections before ripping into "Death In The Light." This track pretty much sets that standard for what to expect from Wulfshon. Thick, chugging riffs that carry along with solid precision and include plenty of rhythm so listeners can hear a great deal of Melo-death/ Viking Metal influences within them so it doesn't feel so quite overwhelming while still maintaining a ferocious aura, similar in the way Amon Amarth structures their music. Every once in a while there will be clean vocal segments and semi-acoustic passages that bring a more 'natural' feeling to the music without feeling out of place. Other tracks like "Natura Obscura" just chug all the way through and have less atmosphere and ambiance as it sticks strictly to Metal.

"Pride Of Death" is a bit of anomaly due to its rather simple, slow pace. While all the other tracks seem to have a lot of energy behind them, this one kind of hangs back and aims to create a minimalistic, yet effective atmosphere. The deep choral Viking based vocals are an excellent addition and something that listeners probably will not have heard before from these guys in full unless it was very brief. Other atmospheric bits help the album out as well such as the semi-full instrumental "Frozen Throne" which lets the instruments do most of the talking instead of the growled vocals, which are used to sparing, useful effect and lets listeners enjoy some of the more melodic passages the band has to offer. Even the backing choirs, as faded as they are, add great atmosphere. There is also the closing outro, which, similar to the intro, is full ambient and instrumental, but while the intro was more 'down to earth,' the outro is more mystical and astral, giving a sense of rising rather than being grounded. Overall, Wulfshon do an excellent job at creating a varied dose of Pagan Blackened Death Metal which should appeal to fans of Melo-death most certainly along with those who enjoy more Viking Metal based music as well.


  1. Intro: Prinnit Mittilagart
  2. Death In The Light
  3. To The Battlefield
  4. The Calling Of The Ancestral Blood
  5. Son Ov Wolves
  6. Frozen Throne
  7. Pride And Death
  8. Cosmo Generallis
  9. Natura Obscura
  10. Outro: Ewigring