Wurm Flesh - Excoriation Evisceration

California’s Wurm Flesh have burst upon the scene with their debut offering entitled "Excoriation Evisceration", and this is one release that will surely satisfy the craving for all things death metal. Fans, new and old alike, are sure to appreciate the efforts put forth by the band as each track is as pummeling and punishing as anything put out by bands that have been around for decades. With that being said, Wurm Flesh have created a release that is reminiscent of the traditions of the old school sound while adding a somewhat modern, approach to their art in terms of construction and delivery of the material.

Straight forward old school death metal style riffing along the lines of Vader and Sinister with very minute elements of grind. Nothing too fancy, but enough for you to sit up and take notice. The level of proficiency is quite good for the material presented. The tone and tuning are awesome here and precision is on point all the way through. I really love the drums on this release. Again, we have a straight forward death metal style, but within this you can definitely tell there is an undeniable technical element spread out evenly throughout every track. Far removed from the mechanical sound that plagues a lot of new bands. The bass has a really nice feel and it’s mixed pretty evenly with everything else, but you can still feel those low end rumbles throughout the thickly produced sounds. The bass lines on "Morale Crusher" are absolutely perfect.

The vocals remind me of early Suffocation with a grindcore approach to the growling and raspy delivery. There are no lyrics to follow along with, but with the obvious poor enunciation, it would have been a waste to print them. Still though, The vocals are monstrous and exactly the style and pattern that his music needed. This guy has one hell of a set of lungs on him and his in your face delivery mirrors the devastating aura of the music. Wurm Flesh have given us a fine example of what real death metal should sound like. No, it’s not perfect by any means, but it carries on the tradition of this art into the next generation. It’s bands like Wurm Flesh who will insure that death metal will not die. The suffering, the agony, the pain, it’s all here in glorious form. This would be a fine edition to any metal head’s collection, or a great introduction to anyone wanting to explore the more extreme forms of music. Comatose Music is who released this wonderful little gem, and a great one it is!


1. Waltz Of The Wurms
2. Deceased And Festering
3. Enshrined In Rot
4. Excoriation Evisceration
5. Morale Crusher
6. House Of Flesh
7. Propogated Self Hatred Through Viral Media
8. Unilateral Execution
9. Tombs In Which Gods Decay