Wyrm - Purge

Eastern Europe has been distinguished for many years by a high quality black metal scene. Often melancholic, the black metal of these grey lands evokes defeated warriors, bloody poets telling the story of a battle lost in advance that they fought only for the panache.

Wyrm comes from the Czech Republic and offers a black metal that may seem rather traditional at first glance but in truth carries a real identity. Already, we notice this sound, rough and raw, with no will to "make nice" contrary to a lot of so-called black metal bands today. Wyrm transpires authenticity and this can be heard throughout this majestic album, with its epic mid-tempi and triumphant guitars. Full of fatalism and cold anger, this Czech band will be an immediate listening pleasure for those who know the real black metal, the one that so frightened the spadassins in the 90s. One will appreciate here these coal riffs, simple but fearsome, this inhabited, shamanic song, a little as if a demon of the old Sumer was coming back among the living.

I didn't know Wyrm's work before discovering this "Purge" but I confess I was bluffed by the purity of his art, these soli looking towards heavy metal being a not negligible bonus. An excellent album for those who love real black metal, right in his boots.

x / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Purge
2. Ars Mortifera
3. Gates Towards The End
4. Abyss
5. Broken, Beaten And Defeated
6. Far From Gods
7. Ceremony Of Bones
8. Death Crown Cult

Self released
Reviewer: Krisson
Jan 6, 2021

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