Wytchfilth - The Void Of Human Waste

Wytchfilth is a solo Black Metal band that was originally formed in 2003 by sole member Grief as Witchking but disbanded in 2009. After numerous setbacks and issues. In 2011 the band was resurrected as Wytchfilth with a slightly new direction and wider vision.  The demo E.P “The Void Of Human Waste” was released in April 2013.

The tracks encompass the themes of filth, darkness and misery and are influenced by negativity, depravity, human suffering and The Occult so something to get your fangs into there!

A Sixth Limbed Child
So you could say Wytchfilth are “Back in Black” This track is blacker than black with its extremities of far reaching evil. The auditory onslaught is as sinister as it is extreme with rasping vocal that really focuses on portraying a dark malevolent force.

A Drink To Malice
This has a very slow beginning of eerie ambiance of hissing and buzzing and quite intriguing. A low growl emanates and pursues a gravelly and most gnarly vocal amid clanking, terrifying, even punishing rhythms that move clumsily but still manages to hit dynamic proportions in its approach. It suddenly explodes into an almighty flurry of events that wake you from the clumsiness and gives your ears a good beating. This has to be my personal favorite as there is so much hidden in the track and not just the usual black metal entourage. It’s doom, it’s gloom and also very uplifting as it furthers into the track so containing amazing elements and this is not even touching on samples – they are quite extraordinary!

The Void Of Human Waste
The title track: This is pure black metal in the rawest form, with driving rhythms that offer more evil in abundance than Hell itself! This has been superbly executed and is a musical assault with its eerie sounds adding complexities like a rasping screech to the mix. Grief is far from good here – (get it?) And not hiding himself under a bushel – the gravelly onslaught reaches ferocious levels as a pounding of beats usher forth like machine gun artillery fire – really gets the blood pumping around your veins.

Where Nothing Exists And Nothing Speaks
More clunky eeriness continues with gurgled, gnarly vocal noises that sounds like someone has had their throat cut with a rusty blade! Harsh frequencies pummel the aural with startling disarray. This track makes its own way to Hell and quite literally drags you to it, as you experience first-hand the building complexities contained within the fiery, yet doom elements of black metal especially the dark heavy piano keys at the end of the track which adds in a nice dark somber essence.

If you like eerie black madness, pummeling blackened beats with strange sampled voices then this has to be a thumbs up for you! It has its terrifying moments of hellish brutality and also contains more melancholic moments although short lived, however, it possesses a lot of expression and diversity. Its rhythms can go from slow and cumbersome to downright fast with lots of eerie ambiance that captures intrigue. Once listening to this you will realize that Wytchfilth has indeed possessed your soul – so listen with the lights on and take a torch to bed – just in case!


  1. A Sixth Limbed Child
  2. A Drink To Malice
  3. The Void Of Human Waste
  4. Where Nothing Exists And Nothing Speaks

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 8, 2013

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