Wyxmer - Feudal Throne

Wyxmer comes from the beautiful city Florence in Italy. And like that city is ancient it is also of ancient time that Wyxmer released their last album. 14 Years have gone by and now releasing a new album. The music can be directed to the epic metal corner. Clean vocals which are a prominent part of the music. Songs are melodic and diverse of tempos. Melancholic part with uptempo beats. A nice part of the music are the guitars, with the usual metal riffs but with nice leads, for me the plus on this album. At the end of this album a coverversion of High Tide's "Futilist's Lament" can be found.

1. Mistikal Wyvern
2. I will rise again
3. King of the ladies
4. Steed 'n' cavalier
5. Human crime
6. Quietless mind
7. Dissilio
8. My princess bride
9. Futilist's lament
10. Turkish march

Black Widow Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 19, 2006

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