Xasthur - Xasthur

With this MCD Xasthur will leave Moribund Cult and so what will he do in th future. The man behind Xasthur is Malefic and he is also doing all the instruments and vocals. On this MCd there are three track with a running time of 24 minutes. The caracteristic suicidal funeral sound is also here. Distorted guitarsound that is dominating the songs with shrieking cold vocals in the back. The first two songs are done in mid tempo while the last track is more up tempo. I dig the last track as it hides two nice thing. The choir voices in the beginning and the quite part at the end of the song.

1. Instrumental
2. Bubonic Plague
3. Doomed By Howling Winds

Moribund CultRecords
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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