Xenocide - Galactic Oppression

When the spaceship landed and the doors opened, the aliens that came out were holding, guitars and basses, had a drumkit and growled like hell! And of course the spaceship landed in Canada! No shit, where else would it land? Canada is the land of quality on metal in general, so Xenocide's earthly location couldn't be any different than that! We talked about aliens and spaceships so it is pretty clear, what will come out of your speakers once you push the play button on "Galactic Oppression" which is Xenocide's full length and release for 2012! Technical to the bone. Precise and surgically accurate death metal! A raging technical death metal release that reeks quality on every corner! From song composition to structure and individual skill! Those guys from Vancouver can really play and they do not hesitate to unleash their wildest instincts both on brutal and technical matter on this first full length of them! Fully blasted and heavy sounded.

The drummer of the gang knows how to drink kerozene and play blastbeats! Awesome ideas and an excellent agility on moving around patterns, from blasting to smooth and groovy playing to gravity to thrash and back to ultra heavy blasting again, in an average of 60% blasting and a 40% all the rest! The guitar job of course couldn't be in a lower level. Heavy riffs succeed more technical ones and all that fit in well with raging tapping on top which gives a space aura here and there! The bass guitar is not the usual death metal bass guitar following the drum beats, which in this case is awesome cause when all the instruments hit a technical moment together, you feel like loosing gravity. And I believe that is their purpose on some songs! The bass guitar has an itchy sound and some times plays technical themes while the guitars seem to keep the rhythm together. And this reverse role of the guitars and the bass is something I loved in "Galactic Oppression".I mean the whole album starts with a crazy swirling riff played by the bass and followed by guitars. See what I mean? The vocalist of course is a beast from an outer planet. Beaten for ages in cold cellars and released by those crazed dudes with only one purpose: to bring their word out in the most brutal way ever. And he is doing a lot more! A growler unmatched, that not only growls but also shrieks and screams like the horde itself!

Xenocide, with "Galactic Oppression" take technical death metal a bit further and give you a hell unmatched and unspoken off! Wanna die? If not, grab your spacesuit and follow them!


  • Galactic Oppression
  • Forgotten Bloodlines And Empty Oaths
  • Xenocide

  • Self released
    Reviewer: twansibon
    Jan 6, 2013

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