XSaviour - Caleidoscope

XSavior (Sweden) are reaching out to touch the depths of your soul with this form of progressive metal. Creating an atmosphere like floating in cosmic enlightenment, the music is layered in every detail. Every single song totally different in structure with unexpected technical passages, classically build anthems of philisophy or psychedelic effects. Instruments are handled with precision and a lot of emphasis on guitar solos but also making room for keyboards and the solid rhythym section. Vocals also vary a lot in atmosphere expressing the many emotions present on this album...

1. April skies
2. Lex the fly
3. Mr. Chairman
4. Take me home
5. In memorial of...
6. By the golden river
7. Waves of the sea
8. Green mile
9. Cosmic virus
10. Material world
11. A snake in paradise
12. Xsaviour

Atenzia Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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