Xyphos - A Casual Stroll Through The Lunatic Asylum

This is a Canadian Death metal group, unsigned, and making a lot of noise in all the right places. Their brand of death metal leans towards the slower end of the spectrum, and this new single is a rather adrenaline filled explosion akin to waking up to cannon fire.

The single title track starts out slow, a slow Morbid Angel, vocally is it low and very guttural without going too far towards the modern plethora of death metal vocals, there is a fusion with what I consider black metal rasp included for good measure. Underneath these gnarly observations is a funky, jazz inspired slap bass style, the guitar work is both technical and very fitting to the overall song arrangement, it does not go too far either. ‘Structured’ represents a balance of progressive and technical death metal wizardry, with enough ambience for you to take in all the music and revel in its clear thoughtful execution, although in some respects, I am missing the utter balls out speed approach and a little sustain in the guitars especially when there are quieter moments, I am wanting this to pick up the pace, but overall it is a commendable effort.

On the whole, this is a well balance single, Xyphos have used their influences well, without becoming too big headed about it, “a casual stroll…” is a perfect description via a mix of progressive death and Florida styled influences, Xyphos are an exciting proposition, if only there was more of this offering to make my ears bleed with excitement, but you know what, this will do nicely for now.


  1. A Casual Stroll Through The Lunatic Asylum
  2. Structured

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 9, 2012

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