Zarathustra - Contempt

This is a new release from German blackmetalband Zarathustra haunting us since 1996. This mini CD has all elements of extreme metal with relentless blasting drums, thundering double bass parts and mid-tempo thrashing parts. Guitars are heavy sounding yet with easily floating melody and raging riffs with technical fills. Vocals also sound like a hurricane coming from the cold north. Songs are straightforward with some good resting points of instrumental dark and doomed slower melodic parts. Exceptional is the mighty and glorious blackmetal epic 'of serpents and swords'. Bonustrack on the vinyl edition is a great cover from old German black/thrash act Poison! Great blackmetal release with emphasis on METAL!

1. Slave mortality
2. Become eternal
3. Master mortality
4. Of serpents and swords
5. Sphinx (cover Poison)

Undercover Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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