Zero Cipher - 45 Minutes of Fairy Tale Endings/45 RPM

This four piece band comes from the UK since 1998. The music they play is hardcore based but with influences from other directions. Samples are used in some intros and other electronic sidesteps can be heard. The vocals are wicked and aggressive. It is mostly aggression what dominates but it has some melodic flow that keeps you listening. As a bonus you will get there 3 track EP "45 RPM".

1. Chapter one: introduction
2. Stupid people make me angry
3. On the beginning of the end
4. Chapter two: princess’ capture
5. Oompa loompa
6. Vitriolic hsf
7. Rhatakavita
8. Little miss naughty
9. Seven days without you
10. Chapter three: wedded bliss
11. Head of david
12. From signal to noise
13. Spiral
14. Under the thumb
15. Chapter four: hidous troll
16. Magic time
17. When six meets nine
18. Chapter five: showdown

1. Last september
2. Think you know
3. Filth

Casket Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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