Zero Mentality - Invite Your Soul

Zero Mentality is a band with elements of punk and hardcore, a little like U.S. bands Agnostic Front or Bad Religion Featured on "Invite Your Soul" are gritty vocals, hard-driving riffs with occasional leads, some creative surprises including instrumental intro and outtro and a duet between singer Ben Fink and vocalist Anette Ellesgaard on the ninth track, "Vanish With A Rose." Zero Mentality have toured with bands such as Converge, Napalm Death, Hatebreed and Hatesphere, and this album was recorded and mixed by Hatesphere's Jacob Bredahl, and also features a guest appearance by Hatesphere guitarist Pepe as well. "Invite Your Soul" is the second album from this band and follows "In Fear Of Forever" which was released by GSR in 2005. "Invite Your Soul" is sure to please fans of straight-ahead rock and roll that is emotionally charged.

1. Invite Your Soul
2. Alone Again
3. Constant Confusion
4. Past Regrets And Future
5. Urban Sins
6. Looser In Love
7. Good Death
8. Menschenfeind
9. Vanish With A Rose
10. Words To Scorn
11. Gluck Auf

GSR Music
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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