Zervm - Nex Cvltvs

Zombies are not only real they are now vocalist. This album should be a soundtrack to a zombie movie. All I imagine while listening to this is some undead creature bellowing out wretched gutterals on stage and trying not to eat everyones brains in the front row.

This is Black n Roll with an oldschool death metal diretion. At times it sounds a bit disjointed. Drums need to be higher in the mix. The drum rolls are barely audible. Although I really enjoy the organic snare sound. All the songs are bit too similar. So the album sorta runs together so none of the songs stand out individually. The vocals and guitar tone are the best aspects of this album. This vocalist should be in a band like Nominon or Cyanide. Good simplistic approach to riffage.

The whole time I was listening to this I kept waiting for it to just grab me but it never happend. I don't have much interest in going back for anymore listens but I will definitely keep my eye on Zervm for the next release.

  1. Qesar Neron
  2. Vials Of His Wrath
  3. Mortuus
  4. Demonic Locusts Torment
  5. Alpha And Omega
  6. Phobos Kai Deimos
  7. Nex Cvltvs

Reviewer: Hollow Lung
Jan 22, 2012

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