Zeus - 07

Two years after their independent release "Bad Signs" the Amsterdam band Zeus releases their new album "07" on the Dutch label Freebird. The label stands for heavy groove rock and that is exactly what this band is doing. Heavy guitar driven rock with doomy groove sludge parts. Raw grungy vocals (the vocalist is a well known Dutch actor for commercials and comedy) that moan like he is hurt by his girlfriend. Like I said before the guitars are heavy and beside the groovy melodies it also squeezes nice leads. Tempo of the songs are between the slow and up tempo beats and after 36 minutes you heard a nice album with touches of Black Sabbath or Soundgarden. Zeus live will fit on stages with a wide range of rock fans and if you cannot wait take a listen to this album.

1. My Name Is Zeus
2. Drive On
3. Breeder
4. Ain't She Lovely
5. Carousel
6. Just Begun
7. Save Me
8. Man On Fire
9. Crazy Calm
10. Falling

Freebird Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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