Zion - Dracula

Zion is a projectband from Greece. maybe you don't know but the Zion is the man behind the band Crossover. For this project Zion got the help from various Greek metalheads. The disc is a conceptalbum lyrically wise and musically it is mainly black metal but with a progressive and melodic approach. Even a death metal touch a la Vader can be found. Voices are triple done of which is a serene female one. The songs are diverse in melody and tempos and having good guitarleads. In the end it is just a nice album of this Greek project!!

1. Atrocities of vlad tepes
2. Order of the dragon
3. Drakula - the son of the devil
4. When love bleeds in vein
5. Alone
6. The forest of the impaled

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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