Zodiak - Sermons

When I got this disc in my hands it helped that it included a sticker saying the band and album title because the artwork is a pain to the eye combination of white letters/symbols o a grey background. You can find info in the letters but you have to look damn close and not getting dizzy.

Anyway, I don't know the band but it consist of members from acts like Rosetta, Balbao, Slacks and Lickgoldensky. According the info sheet they play on "Sermons" a combination of psychedelic soundcapes with a metal edge and the recording took over three years. And indeed it all sound psychedelic with spacy sounds on a dwelling rhythm. Guitars are soft picking the strings or more heavy shredding. Tempo is easy floating on a light weighted wave of repetitious trancedental atmosphere. "Sermons" is a nice trip out of the metal box and you have to see for yourself if you can trip it.

1. Excavate
2. Sermons
3. Etc.
4. Wouldn't Wait
5. Their God Reigns
6. Zeros And Ones
7. Outlined
8. Untitled

Translation Loss Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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