Zombie Ritual - Zombies From Tokyo

Zombie obsessed metal from Japan. After their debut "Night Of The Zombie Party" they are signed to a new label and release in 2007 this EP called "Zombies From Tokyo". The band has its roots in the black metal band Magane but now combining death, thrash and goregrind into an extreme melting pot. Harsh vocals over songs that have a groovy swing with the drum patterns and the guitar melodies. It is aggressive but not too as they pay attention to details. And after listening aco uple of times you start signing along with the chorusses and wanting to do some dancing, ofcourse together with a six pack of zomb-beer!!

1. Head Banging Zombies
2. Zombie Hurricane
3. Bring Down The Zombie Hammer
4. Pray To Zombie God
5. Zombies From Tokyo

Apathic View Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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