Zonaria - Infamy And The Breed

Zonaria is a young band from Sweden as they started in 2002 by vocalist and guitarist Simon and the other guitarist Emil (both were 15 years old). The band recorded a demo and in 2005 two 17 year old guys came on bass and drums and Zonaria is complete. In 2006 they record their EP "Rendered In Vain" and after touring with Impaled Nazarene they began working on their full length. And here in September 2007 it is ready. The band is often compared with Hypocrisy and I must admit. But I think it is not a rip off or clone as Zonaria succeed in making a good album. Bombastic and symphonic melodic death metal fills your ears. Tracks can be brutal in fast tempo but they change easily to melancholic mid parts. Keys give it an atmospheric edge as the drums are powerful and guitars are strong riffing with nice leads. Vocals are raw throated and in track 8 you hear clean vocals of Christian (Scar Symmetry and Unmoored). "Infamy And The Breed" is a nice album that gives hope the future of Zonaria.

1. Infamy
2. The Last Endeavour
3. Pandemic Assault
4. The Armageddon Anthem
5. Rendered In Vain
6. Image Of Myself
7. Evolution Overdose
8. Attending Annihilation
9. Descend Into Chaos
10. Ravage The Breed
11. The Black Omen
12. Everything Is Wasteland

Pivotal Rockordings
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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