Zord – Peripheria

Zord is back with their third full-length release, "Peripheria". Dropping in November 2018 under Nail Records, "Peripheria" is another dose of quality groove from Zord. Hailing from Hungary, Zord is comprised of Attila Csibi (drums), Dénes Peréyi (guitars, backing vocals), Róbert Kis (guitars, backing vocals), Péter Rabcsák (bass), and Krisztián Soltész-Nagy.

"Peripheria" the third studio album from Zord is a continuation of the quality we’ve seen in both 2007’s "Disasters Grind" and 2013’s "Thorns & Wounds". The first song, 'Wry' sets the pace of the album, and the follow-up song 'Peripheria' is one of the catchiest I’ve ever heard. You’ll be chanting "welcome to peripheria" before the end of your first play – its definitely my highlight of the album. With its bouncy, catchy riff and top-notch vocals I found myself coming back to 'Peripheria' again and again.

Another highlight of the album is the closing song 'Walls Grow Again'. With an almost downtrodden intro riff, 'Walls Grow Again' leads into a triumphant main song. It also continues the great vocals prevalent through the album and really finishes the album off strong with them. 'Dread And Cruelty Thrive' also deserves a mention for what I consider the best track of the album. The guitars, bass, and drums for this song are incredibly catchy and really display the talent of Zord.

Overall, this is another great piece from Zord. "Peripheria" is an improvement from their past work, but it keeps all the things they already got right. This album works for splitting a few songs into a playlist or listening to the whole album straight through. It’ll appeal to easy-listeners and more technical fans as well as people who don’t usually listen to groove/thrash. I suggest playing it while sipping whiskey with a good friend.


1. Wry
2. Peripheria
3. Blue Hatred Cacophony
4. Villainy
5. Parasite Hatchery
6. H-Mob
7. Expulsion
8. Dread And Cruelty Thrive
9. Rarity Maker
10. Walls Grow Again