Zorndyke - On Mayor Altar's Edge

'On Mayor Altar's Edge' is the sophomore effort from Death Metal group Zorndyke. Focusing on a rather fuzzy production, their music is definitely in the vein of old school 90s Death Metal. However, they don't really perform over the top, fast, Brutal Death Metal like Cannibal Corpse did. Their music is  more a combination of Death Metal vocals and more rhythmic, even paced riffs and drumming that sounds like it came from Slayer's 'Seasons In The Abyss.' The result right from the opening track of "Meine schwarze Flügeln" is an enjoyable, but halved album. The vocals are guttural and twisted and perfect for Death Metal but they feel like they are constantly competing or grinding with the insturmentals so there is less continuity between the two. Other tracks like "Hordes Of The Primordial Chaos" do a better job at focusing on faster riffs, even if it is a mix of all blast beats, and the vocals sound much more at home.

Every once in a while the slower tracks will work to the band's advantage. "Tenochtitlán Claims Blood / On Mayor Altar's Edge" is a rather long piece that features slower, lengthy chugging sections that carry on and on with their furious relenting but with the subtelty of Death n' Roll groups like Six Feet Under. Of course, the band doesn't keep this up forever as they will pick up the pace at certain sections and just blast along. However, most fans will argue that this track has the most varied pace- perhaps too varied at times. The closing "Decomposing Alive" is definitely Thrash oriented but the band tries to do something new with the vocals such as including backing chants during the chorus and even loosening up the growling a bit so they feel less monotonous. The solos are certain enjoyable, and it brings a sledgehammer of a finishing touch that almost feels like it ends too soon. In the end, the old-school Metal fans are going to dig this more than the modern ones, partially due to production, but also due to the sheer levels of ferocity that this band can put out with no remorse.


  1. Meine Schwarze Flügeln
  2. Sledgehammer Murderer
  3. Lunch For The Worms
  4. Hordes Of The Primordial Chaos
  5. Headshot
  6. Chamber Of Bones
  7. Tenochtitlán Claims Blood / On Mayor Altar's Edge
  8. Decomposing Alive