Zuul - Out Of Time

US metal has had a pretty strong resurgence of the classic style of late, Züül are heavily NWOBHM influences with a touch of Euro flare, something similar to what has happened recently in Scandinavia. There is not too much in the way of outlandish guitar solos, the emphasis is on band involvement, brandishing the many traits heralded over the years and brought together in one uplifting package. ‘Warriors’ (their current single release), ‘Warhammer’ and ‘Executioner’ follow a path that encompasses everything within this style of metal, whether you are a fan old or young, you just cannot help being sucked in by their fantasy, their shear heavy metal approach. Bullet belts, denim, leather, drainpipe jeans, a classic fashion that goes with this classic music. You may not find anything new or different, but the nostalgia in me just cannot help holding ‘Out of Time’ in high regard even if in some rare places it sounds weak in production. Out of the current crop of young bands like White Wizzard, Enforcer, Cauldron and Dark Forest (UK), Züül have definitely got something to offer as with some of the aforementioned bands, Batteau’s vocals hit the spot, in fact the band posses an element of excitement about their music, you can almost feel that youthful exuberance bursting out of your speakers. This album is a glorious trip into the mists of time, not quite “out of time”, but very much in time, revel in the sounds of some fist raising metal, Züül are not a covers band, nor are they a passing trend, this is a band dedicated to their cause, as we all our, ‘Out of Time’ needs to be a part of every traditional heavy metal fans collection, a worthy purchase.

1. Out Of Time
2. Warriors
3. Executioner
4. Air Raid
5. Warhammer
6. Backstreet Crawler
7. Darkness On The Ice
8. Ride Ride
9. Return To Yagi

Planet Metal
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 4, 2010

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