Zygoatsis / Hacavitz - Split

Zygoatsis is spewing their warhymnes from Thailand. Containing members of bands like Surrender Of Divinity and Lacerate and ex-members of Caloric and Shambles. Up tempo black metal beats with bulldozer sounding guitars. The vocals are sounding grim and having different intonations. The songs are short and offer pure and primitive crushing black metal. No trendy stuff and so this band is purely for the real black metal warriors.

On this split disc there is also Hacavitz from Mexico which is also almost an all star band as it hides ex members of Disgorge, Ravager, Domain, Demonized and Impiety. Together they performe one own writting and two covers. Their sound is death metal you heard in the late 80s, fast tunes, shredding riffs and growls. But the production is like they recorded from a demo tape with another tape recorder. Aweful as the band deserves better. Maybe the two covered bands give you an impression what they sound to.

1. The Endless Abomination Of Goat Sodomy
2. Goatnuclear Azzault
3. Blasphemic Warfare
4. Sadistic Extermination

5. Steal The Light
6. Down There (cover Beherit)
7. Wolflust (cover Angel Corpse)
Sick Chainsaws Production
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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