Pathogen - Bloodline

Pathogen released their debut demo in 1996 and now in 2005 they release their debut album. On this album new songs and songs from their 2 demos. With an easy going interlude this disc starts off quietly but the next songs shows more power. Double bass, angry sounding vocals and melodic twin guitars. Swedish death metal mixed with some epic edges. A...


Ramesses - We Will Lead You To Glorious Times

Ramesses is a doom metal band that is now releasing this disc with 4 songs and two videolips. The songs can be found on earlier work. The songs are slow, crushing guitars, deep vocals and the songs have a certain groove. They call it wargrooves themselves. Long tracks and the 4th one is almost 12 minutes. The videos have a nice visual impact.


Showstripsilence - Monsters And Humans

The band was formed in the winter of 2003 by two members from the hardcore band Consequence and complete by a nu metal drummer and guitarist. So when I tell you that the band plays rock n roll you also know which other influences can be heard. Yes hardcore and nu metal melting into emo rock. This is an album that wants to score a hit on MTV with a...


Stigmhate - Satisfied By The Cruelty

Italian Stigmhate is delivering their debut in a mixture of raw black and technical death. The songs are not blasting the whole 35 minutes but there also passages of melody and even some folk elements. The vocals are raw, but may have some more variation. Overall the songs are nice to listen to and due to the fact that they are technical played and...


Written In Torment - The Uncreation

Another fine gem from the folks at None More Black.  Written In Torment is a 1 entity project.  There seems to be a pattern here guys, almost every album/demo/mcd I have heard from NMB is a 1 member deal.  Like I said before, there are some really talented people on this label.  The Uncreation was created soley by Leviathan in the darkest recesses...


World Of Shit - Demo 05

Long time no hear form this two piece band. One living in USA and the other in Germany it has to be dedicated. And its dedicated. Death metal with thrash winks but most of all brute but with enough variation. No blind ramming and bulging but well dosed tempo changes, melody breaks and brutal vocals. This is brutal stuff but made with a missing to c...


Wyxmer - Feudal Throne

Wyxmer comes from the beautiful city Florence in Italy. And like that city is ancient it is also of ancient time that Wyxmer released their last album. 14 Years have gone by and now releasing a new album. The music can be directed to the epic metal corner. Clean vocals which are a prominent part of the music. Songs are melodic and diverse of tempos...


World Of Shit - Demo 02

Two dickheads aka two death metal maniacs are here with their 5 song demo out of 2002. The style they play is death metal with a blend of different styles. Brutal vocals, up to fast tempo, catchy rhythms and raving guitars with some insane leads (more please!!). Only 5 songs that ony last 12 minutes but taste for more. Curious what they are making...


Kabbal - Synthetically Revived

Started in 1999 and after two succesful demos they now release their debut full length. Kabbal plays death metal with variety in melody, brutal vocals, technical drums and good guitarriffs and some nice leads. This debut is surely worth the listening because it has a lot of different items in the song structure which makes it attractive for most of...


Katafalk - Storm Of The Horde

People in the Dutch scene know this band a long time because they are around from 1995. With line up changes, several demos they now release their debut. Wow, what a mean machine. 13 Tracks in a mixture of death, thrash and black metal. Raging drums, crazy guitarleads and aggressive vocals. Hardly a chance to get some air because the 13 songs are a...


Abysmal Fall - Borne Against

From the USA comes this death/thrash band where Kris of Agiel used to play in. Abysmal Fall have on this MCD 6 songs including a nice cover of Sacrifice! The guitars are playing some nice fingersweating riffs, but no leads. The vocals are aggressive. Drums are guarding the melody and speed. The songstructures are balanced and not afraid to put some...


Agiel - Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign

Finally the debut of Agiel. And hell what a blast. Agiel plays the brutal style with melody. Great drumlabor, deep vocals and fingercrushing guitars. After the first session it sounded like a huge thick wall but after hearing it a few time on the headphones I love it more and more. So what else can I say then to buy the fucking album!


Abiura - Nursery Rhymes For The Unborn

Debut MCD from this obscure death metal band from Italy. After playing coversongs for rehearsal they tried, after numerous memberchanges, to make the songs of their own. On this MCD there a four songs which prove some good ideas to work for the future. I like the song "What I'll Never See" the most because of the spoken words in it. The songs are s...


Kaviar Kavalier - Studio Y

Necrocock (ex Masters Hammer) delivers a new album of techno industrial gotich metal. Tempo songs with female and male vocals, some obscene fetish lyrics in german and czech. The atmosphere in the songs are created by the keyboard and the guitars are creating the harmony. Including on this disc is a MC from 1994 remastered. Personally I like them b...


Absorbed - Visions In Blood

Absorbed started in 1997. The band plays swedish death metal and they play it heavy! The soundquality is very good so a pleasure to listen to. The songs have a variety of catchy rhythms, brutal vocals and good guitarwork. Surely this band is not inventing something new but just delivering a good album that will pleasure a lot of people who like the...